With a charter boat explore Sydney’s iconic tourist attractions

25 Apr 2012

When you charter a boat it is the best way to travel around Sydney’s iconic tourist attractions. When you visit this city you will be amazed by its multi-ethnic culture, breathtaking natural splendor, sunny beaches, impressive hotels, friendly people, dazzling skyscrapers and the fascinating nightlife. On your sailing vacation you can also savor flavorsome cuisine. You will definitely enjoy an idyllic vacation in this city.

Sydney is considered as the finest city worldwide. This is why countless tourists descend on the shores of Sydney to discover the amazing tourist attractions. There are several tourist attractions you must explore on your sailing vacation with boat charter.

Sydney Opera House is among the iconic landmarks of this city. Sydney Opera House is truly an architectural wonder. You can glimpse musical productions and theatres in the amazing Sydney Opera House along with the Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Symphony and Opera Australia. Sydney Opera House is one of the most well-known tourist attractions worldwide and is a must visit on your sailing holiday. Experience the enchantment of dazzling performances, get to know all about the finest art and experience the artistic crescendo at this world-class centre. When you charter a boat and travel around Sydney, it is the best way to get spectacular views of Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Harbour is among the most impressive natural harbours worldwide. When you use sail yacht along the Sydney Harbour you will get wonderful views of lush gardens, grand parks and natural reserves. In this place you will find lots of yachts for sailing, ferries and kayaks. You can charter any one of these for a delightful sailing holiday. The harbour is a must visit on your Sydney sailing vacation for its unique loveliness.

The Rocks is a famous historical part of Australia situated at the base of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Here you will find winding streets, galleries and museums, sandstone cottages, cafes, restaurants and pubs. The Rocks is a mysterious place where you can revive Australia’s fascinating history. The historical structures of the area include Sydney Observatory, Hero of Waterloo inn and the famed Cadman’s Cottage.

Sydney Tower is another must-visit tourist attraction in Sydney. The Tower gives visitors a unique opportunity to take in excellent aerial views of Sydney. As you view this impressive structure you can also get stunning views of attractions as close as the amazing city skyline, Opera House and harbor bridge. You will also get spectacular views of the shoreline and mountains. After a tiring day, you can unwind at the stylish restaurants or chill out at the coffee lounge here.

Your Sydney sailing yacht charter vacation is incomplete without a trip to Bondi Beach. One of the most well-known beaches, Bondi is a big hit with travel buffs due to the countless exciting beach side entertainment options. You will be awestruck by the enthralling surroundings and for your enjoyment; there is a vast range of water sports as well

To explore this fascinating city charter boat rentals are an excellent option. Set out on a sailing vacation with charter boats and enjoy a memorable vacation.

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