Why Training At The Superyacht Crew Academy Is Essential, For Thriving Superyacht Jobs Australia

23 Mar 2012

Whenever you think of Superyacht Jobs, the first name which comes to mind is The Superyacht Crew Academy. This is a well-known Maritime Institute which provides International Yacht Training, or (IYT), meant for professional as well as recreational Yacht Crew, including women. IYT Worldwide Master of Yachts 200gt credentials are accepted by 25 governments globally, as well as the MCA. This is why you must choose this institute, for thriving Superyacht Jobs.

There are lots of things you can anticipate, as you initiate your career, on a Superyacht. As Yacht Crew, on Superyachts, you can travel on high-priced yachts, worldwide. Furthermore, you can travel around exotic destinations and enjoy the advantages of free of charge living whilst being paid a substantial salary.

In order to get a Job on Yachts as specialized Yacht Crew, or as a captain, you must undergo the Superyacht Career Training Programme.

The Superyacht Crew Academy is a representative as well as affiliation school of the International Yacht Training Worldwide, in Australia, and provides:

Lots of Opportunities for Crew Recruitment with SuperCrew and proffers introductions to the superyachts, and crew agencies globally.

  • It also presents IYT Master of Yachts 200gt components, which are vital for superyacht crews comprising ocean, and coastal offshore.
  • Modern training vessels are present for Power, or Sail within all weather waterways.
  • You will also receive Dual certification with worldwide General Purpose Hands (GPH) NSW, in addition to Megayacht Deck Crew.
  • This is a Fastrak Professional Crew Program and from no experience, you will move on to Mate 200gt within 7 weeks.
  • This is an internationally approved specialized Deckcrew, Chef, superyacht Steward or Stewardess Certification.
  • You will get accommodation as well as meals on the ship all through the Fastrak training programme, as well as practical Master of Yachts courses.
  • After the completion of this course, you will be eligible for NSW Maritime Master V intended for people who have the IYT Master of Yachts Limited 200gt Offshore credentials.

If you pursue the Megayacht Deck Crew Course, which is MCA Approved, this is the ideal way to initiate speedy job training for Superyacht Jobs. You will gain knowledge of a fundamental set of boat handling, and yachting skills, which complements the STCW95 course. This will also assist in placement on a vessel, as a deckhand. This is the initial step for a thriving career in the marine and superyacht industry.

If you are not a beginner, nevertheless you do not have enough experience to cater to the requisite levels for the specialized superyacht courses, your experience will be assessed, and accordingly, course options will be customized, for you. This is a major advantage as you will not have to receive instruction on courses you have completed before.

As soon as you acquire your Master Class 5 certification, or else your IYT certificate, you can initiate your career as Yacht Crew Australia. You will be suitably assisted, with good placement opportunities, by The Superyacht Crew Academy. This is an excellent way to begin your career, on Super Yacht Jobs Australia.

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