Why STCW is of the essence, when you search for yacht crew jobs

16 Mar 2012

When you are searching for yacht jobs, it is essential to be prepared for the worst scenario, on sea, and this is a vital procedure in the pre-sea instruction of any seaman or sailor. Prior to searching for apt crew recruitment, it is essential to complete an important course, named Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping, or else STCW.

The course fee is approximately $800-$1200 USD; nevertheless it is an important course, if you desire to initiate your career, as yacht crew. It is also important for a few other reasons:

  • After this course, you will be more self-assured in your role, as yacht crew and will be in a better position to carry out your responsibilities.
  • STCW certification is compulsory for security roles within the yacht crew, including all the crew members onboard. It is essential during emergencies, too.
  • You can effortlessly network with other people as well as instructors, when you take this course at a trustworthy training school. This will also ensure that you get job leads, and it will build your self-confidence, as well.
  • You will not be hired by Captains, if you do not have this training. Moreover hiring options in the job scenario will be limited, as you will have to fit in extra time for training rather than working. Earlier, luxury yachts used to cover the course fee; however this is quite uncommon now.

There are certain aspects which are included, in the STCW course:

  • Personal survival technique or PST is an essential requirement of STCW. It is mandatory for marine personnel. The course deals with practical utilization of life rafts, fundamental survival principles and techniques, and what you should do in case of an emergency. The course is a part of the Basic Safety Training Course.
  • Elementary First Aid or E.F.A .is amid the most difficult courses. In Medical First Aid or M.F.A, you have to learn the essentials of medical first aid. It teaches you what you must do when there is an accident and how you can assist other crew members until they receive proper medical care. This training incorporates resuscitation, how you must carry wounded people, fundamental wound treatments, and so forth.
  • The Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities or P.S.S.R Course teaches you how to pursue secure working practices, principles of safety, avoidance of sea pollution as well as accident prevention.

As soon as you conclude your STCW course, you will be given a certificate that you must give to your vessel’s hiring captain. Remember that the initial paycheck or else charter tip will most probably cover the course fees.

STCW is an essential prerequisite, if you wish to opt for long-term yacht crew jobs. Subsequent to your certification, you are qualified to be hired for your initial job. After that, it is up to you to be trained on the job. STCW is essential if you wish to enter the specialized yachting industry. It is the best way to prove to yourself, as well as others that you are dedicated to becoming a first-rate yacht crew member.

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