Why Mumbai Is The Preferred Destination For The Mumbai International Boat Show

10 Jan 2012

Yadvinder Rana (Azimut) states that India was never on the holiday boating map till the preceding three years. Nevertheless, the response pertaining to the number and quality of participants as well as guests means that India is at present decisively in the sights of all foremost boating brands. This is surely one of the reasons why Mumbai is the preferred destination for the Mumbai International Boat Show, in the field of Luxury Yachts.

If you wish to check out the economic inviolability and prospect of India, here are a few samplers:

  • Trak.in states that tempted by the growth rate, in India, of 8-9 per cent, global and eminent luxury brands are coming to India, to be a component of the Great Indian Growth Story.


  • On August 11, 2011, The Financial Express revealed that the share of the international luxury market, in India is presently negligible, at approximately 2 per cent. Nevertheless, experts forecast that the CAGR from 2006 to the year 2015 is expected to be approximately 25 per cent.


  • Interestingly, CIA World Factbook states that India is rated as one of the foremost economies globally, linked with the purchasing power parity or (PPP) of the gross domestic product or (GDP). The most important financial entities globally, like the International Monetary Fund, the CIA and the World Bank consider this concept.


Reasons why Luxury Motor Yacht exhibits prefer to Drop Anchor within MUMBAI:

Lots of Reasons why India’s foremost boat show prefers to dock inside Mumbai:

Mumbai has lots of great places to sail to owing to its natural waterfront with miles of secluded coastline.

Mumbai, notorious as the Commercial Capital of India, is the financial center of a majority of the country’s economic and business activities.

Mumbai is the abode of the maximum number of corporate headquarters and is the dwelling of the scions of India’s leading, and renowned private enterprises, like the Reliance Group, the Tata Group, the Aditya Birla Group, and so forth.

On the basis of a Top 10 Billionaire Cities list conducted by Forbes, India’s economic capital, Mumbai, is the seventh largest city, globally in terms of its billionaire populace.

A good number of financial institutions and foreign banks have set up their offices within Mumbai.

Bollywood, the eminent Hindi film industry is based in Mumbai. Furthermore, Mumbai has the command centers of the most important satellite, and television networks too.

Mumbai city houses the tremendously opulent finance, diamond, IT as well as film industries.

Mumbai is also well-known owing to its strong boating legacy. The Royal Bombay Yacht Club, which is the third oldest worldwide yacht club, was set up in the year 1846, in Mumbai.

Last but not the least, the status of being Maharashtra`s state capital was granted on Mumbai. This is due to the large proportion of central as well as state government employees within its personnel. Mumbai encompasses the headquarters of revered Indian economic institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange, and so forth.