Why luxury motor yacht charter is a preferred option, to discover Australia

12 Mar 2012

In the year 1788, when Captain Arthur Phillip viewed the impressive Sydney Harbour for the first time, he expressed his contentment at finding the supreme harbor globally, in which a thousand ships of the line up could effortlessly journey amid ideal security. For thrill-seekers and travelers, Australia is amid the world’s most popular destination to explore with luxury motor yacht charter.

In this wonderful region, you will view a lot of things, such as globally renowned natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbour, sparkling waters, lively cities with amazing attractions, spectacular beaches in addition to an exclusive bio net work. From Western Australia towards the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, there is a diverse array of luxury super yachts, to select from. All you have to do is to select the starting point of your sailing charters.

Australia’s superyachting playground is positioned within The Whitsunday Islands, situated at the periphery of the Great Barrier Reef. This is where the rich and famous get together to enjoy marine life and the natural world. This is also an ideal spot to enjoy cruising, and amazing water sports. You can enjoy a lot of exciting adventure activities in The Whitsunday Islands.

Brisbane is an ideal region to explore with luxury boat hire Brisbane. Moreton Bay and MoretonBay MarinePark are positioned nearby, and are famed for their natural exquisiteness and a profusion of remarkable marine plant life. You will also come across whales, dolphins, sharks, dugongs as well as sea turtles, on your sailing trip. Brisbane is a recurrent halt for people on their way to or else coming from, the Great Barrier Reef.

Surfers paradise and the globally renowned yacht enthusiasts’ recreational area, is positioned on Australia’s East Coast. The Gold Coast is a preferred vacation spot, owing to its myriad places of interest, which comprises gorgeous beaches, opportunities for fine dining and entertainment, theme parks, casinos and lots more.

Quite a few key sporting events take place in Melbourne such as the Australian Grand Prix, the Australian Open and the famed Melbourne Cup. Melbourne is famous globally as a center of culture and entertainment, and you will find lots of beautiful beaches, and endless opportunities for fine dining, and experiencing the incredible nightlife. When you explore this amazing region with luxury yacht hire Melbourne, you will experience ultimate glamour and first-rate entertainment.

The Great Barrier Reef is inimitable worldwide due to the stunning loveliness of its sapphire blue waters. In the Great Barrier Reef, you will come across amazing ocean wildlife. Adjacent to Cairns’ major harbor, you will come across lots of sharks, dolphins, manta rays and dugongs.

On your sailing cruise to Australia, ensure that you stopover at the Wet Tropics Rainforest, which is renowned as a World Heritage Site, with the eminent Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is a must visit, to experience incredible marine adventures.

The best way to experience the exquisite Australian marine life is to set out on luxury motor yacht charter. This way, you can have a relaxed sailing vacation, and explore amazing Australia, at your leisure.

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