The King of Superyacht brokers in Australia: Geoff Lovett International

31 May 2013

Superyacht charters is an experience that is quite possibly out of this world, yet situated within the confines of this day to day world. However, sailing as a pastime requires quite a bit of provision of certain entities to make it an experience worth remembering. One of the very first is that of the boat that you will sail. It is true that the better the boat, the better the sail. Therefore, when it comes to boats, it is imperative that you will think of one name and only one name in all of the Asian and Australian continents. That name is that of Geoff Lovett Intl, the giant among all of Superyacht brokers. Geoff Lovett stands out as the king amongst them all.

Geoff Lovett International is quite possibly the best, because where other companies lack in providing a personal touch to the boats and also their clients, this company succeeds in doing so. This is of course the result of the love and passion that the man behind the mast of the company has for the profession of sailing. Add to that, some of the best motor yachts and luxury yachts, that you can find in the whole world today, and you have got yourselves a winner.

Luxury Yachts

Photo Courtesy – Geoff Lovett International – Luxury Yachts

The company has a standing policy of providing only the best super yachts that one may possibly find. Moreover, if there is a boat that is not on their listings, rest assured that they will get it for you. Moreover, the company has some of the most wealthy and influential businessman in entire continent of Australia as their clients of long standing, and thus, armed with all this, this company is a force to be reckoned with.

Not only do they indulge in the activities of chartering and brokering, they also accompany clients and participate in international sailing and yachting events.

When it comes to the field of superyacht charters, there is none to beat Geoff Lovett at this game. They provide not only the boats and the necessary equipment but the entire experience gift-wrapped, so to say. This is because, perhaps you want a fishing yacht or a sailing yacht, the company will provide you with your very own crew and everything else necessary, just to guarantee that you have an experience that you will look back to in moments of joy and pleasure.

About Company:

Geoff Lovett International is Australia’s most reputable and most successful large motor yacht broker. The experienced team of marine specialists at GLI is equipped to find exactly what you’re looking for – locally, nationally or internationally.

Geoff Lovett International’s listings of luxury boats for sale and luxury boat charter are the most discerning in Australia. With contacts in all of Australia’s capital cities and affiliated offices overseas, one can be assured that Geoff Lovett International will source and broker their next yacht sales deal with professionalism and extreme confidentiality. Welcome to the wonderful world of boating and the pleasure it brings.

For more queries about Yacht Brokerage Services call the GLI office at 61 (07) 5526 4144 or email at & you shall be contacted as soon as possible. Also visit the website for more information. Thanks!

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