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Jul 2013

The delights of chartering a yacht in Sydney

Australia is a beautiful place and the capital city Sydney is no different and is a popular tourist destination. Yachting sailing is a common choice of all the people who visit the city as Sydney Harbour is one destination that you cannot miss.


Jan 2013

Goa Luxury Yacht Charter

Embark on an opulent luxury yacht charter and discover the wonders of Goa. This is a sample itinerary for a yacht charter holiday in Goa.


Dec 2012

Maldives – Luxury Yacht Charters India

The Maldives is an ideal Luxury Yacht Charter destination owing to its extraordinary underwater beauty. Ever since the Maldives was discovered as a superlative diving destination, the profusion of psychedelic colours and wide range of aquatic life has lured countless water enthusiasts and divers.