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Jun 2013

Get Your Catamaran Charter from SailCorp

SailCorp is one of the best places in the whole of Sydney to get a boat charter for hire. The company provides various facilities to its clients, such as providing boats on rent basis and giving out yacht charters.


May 2013

Benefits of Renting a Sail Yacht over Buying One

Buying a sail yacht is a luxury that only a few can afford. But, even if you can afford one, it's not always mean it is wise to buy one. A boat charter on rent works out to be more affordable than buying one.


Jan 2013

Combine opulence with comfort on an Andaman & Nicobar Islands Luxury Yacht Charter

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are frequently compared to the blissful Garden of Eden for their breathtaking beauty. The unpolluted environment, thriving marine life and verdant greenery are simply blissful! Experience the sheer elegance of this blissful destination with a Luxury Yacht Charter. Enjoy a fantastic yacht holiday with your near and dear ones.


Jan 2013

Goa Luxury Yacht Charter

Embark on an opulent luxury yacht charter and discover the wonders of Goa. This is a sample itinerary for a yacht charter holiday in Goa.


Dec 2012

Maldives – Luxury Yacht Charters India

The Maldives is an ideal Luxury Yacht Charter destination owing to its extraordinary underwater beauty. Ever since the Maldives was discovered as a superlative diving destination, the profusion of psychedelic colours and wide range of aquatic life has lured countless water enthusiasts and divers.


May 2012

Sail with a boat charter on the most beautiful harbor worldwide

Charter a boat on Sydney harbor and have a great sailing yacht charter vacation with your family or friends. This is the best way to get stunning views of the most impressive sydney harbor worldwide. Enjoy a memorable sailing experience on Sydney Harbor with charter boat hire


May 2012

Why charter boat in Sydney is an ideal option for a bit of romance

Sydney is the ideal city for a bit of romance. Opt for yacht charters around Sydney harbor and fall in love once again, Choose charter a boat for a wonderful holiday in sydney. This is also the perfect excuse to enjoy a few romantic moments with your spouse.


Apr 2012

Why Sydney boat charter is a good option

A sailing holiday along Sydney Harbor is spectacular however enjoying it on a charter boat guarantees an unforgettable experience. Charter Boat are an excellent option to explore Sydney harbor and also experience the fantastic New Years Eve celebration on Sydney Harbor.

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