Sydney and sailing: You will love it

28 Nov 2013

Sailing a smart yacht under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, past the spectacular Sydney Opera House is a must do attraction for any visitor to Sydney. Why? This is because you can never call your trip to Sydney complete without having a sailing experience in the Sydney Harbour or the Sydney port. On any warm sunny day, the Sydney port will be seen dotted with the images of several boats, yachts and cruises. During summer, the Harbour is busy with boats of all sizes. There are numerous boat chartering companies in Sydney which give sailboats, yachts, catamarans and sometimes even luxury cruises for hire. The boat chartering services in Sydney is very much in vogue because sailing is a favourite past time of many people there. Many sailing schools have sprung up recently in Sydney to offer specialized courses and training on sailing. These schools also provide certification at the end of the course which usually comprises of both classroom sessions and practical sailing classes under the guidance of expert trainers and instructors. Some sports clubs also arrange similar training programs for their members who even partake in the sailing competitions once they master the skill. Lot of people come to watch these boat races organized by the clubs. Many sailors, who own boats, sometimes take a boat for charter just for the sake of trying out new boats or to polish their sailing skills. Such is the craze of sailing in Sydney where it has become almost a passion for many.

Most of the boat chartering companies in Sydney, have an online booking system wherein the people can select a boat of their choice and make the booking.

Sailing in Sydney is so much fun

Sailing in Sydney

Photo Courtesy – Sailcorp – Sailing in Sydney

Experience the thrill of sailing onboard an amazingly beautiful yacht on the blue sparkling waters of Sydney. It is a must for sailing enthusiasts and perfect for anyone who loves sailing.

It is quite an adrenaline rush and exhilarating, because most of the time the yacht is tipped on its side and you are standing on the deck at a 45-degree angle.

From the moment you step onto the yacht you are aware that you are in competent hands. The crew members are greatly experienced and they make the entire time spent on board relaxed and enjoyable. Explore the world’s famous Harbour in style with your staff, clients, family or friends. Sydney Sailing offers a full day, half day and evening sailing on the luxury boats and cruises, fitted with all the equipment you need to ensure your safety and comfort, and that of your group. Take the wheel, trim the sails, or simply relax and enjoy the magnificent setting of Sydney Harbour. So plan your own tour or simply pick one of the many packages offered by the agents. See the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, together with all the other beautiful settings of Sydney Harbour, before enjoying a swim at one of the many nearby beaches. Drop the anchor to enjoy a meal.

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Sailcorp Yacht Charters provides all kind of Yacht Charter services like Corporate Sailing Charters, Sail Boats Hire, Social Twilight Events and Moorings in and around Sydney. SailCorp on Sydney Harbour’s range of corporate sailing services are the perfect way to challenge and bond staff, colleagues and clients.

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