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27 Apr 2013

Wanting to get yourself a brand new boat that you may be able to roam the seas and the waters of the ocean, ignoring all other boundaries and all other concerns, just you and your boat with the waters licking the hull of your boat?? If you are this sort of a person and are really wanting to get into the grove of the sea with your very own boat, look no further than Geoff Lovett. They are the premier company in the field of yacht brokerage, and as such are the best superyacht brokers all around the southern half of the globe. They have associations with some of the giants in the field of yacht manufacturing, one being the Italian maestro at yacht making, Benetti, and another being Hargrave. With so many premier flagships written to its name, how can this company falter??

Yacht Brokerage

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Not only are they proficient in the field of brokering, they are also extremely active when it comes to participating in the host of sailing events and boat exhibitions that take place all across the sphere. Thus, you can get to see them at virtually any of the many sailing events that occur. Theirs is a name that stands out in the field due to the rigorous imposition of stress on quality and excellence in the case of every boat and every yacht. Thus, with Geoff Lovett, you can always expect to find the best of the boating industry, but along with that, you will also get the best of the best of the boating industry, that is all that makes the difference, and gives them the mark of distinction. Therefore, get yourself into the beat of the seas, or rather the call of the sea, and go out. It is not the time to sit cramped up in your house, it is time to let yourself play with the world.

About Company:

Geoff Lovett International is Australia’s most reputable and most successful large motor yacht broker. The experienced team of marine specialists at GLI is equipped to find exactly what you’re looking for – locally, nationally or internationally.

Geoff Lovett International’s listings of luxury boats for sale and luxury boat charter are the most discerning in Australia. With contacts in all of Australia’s capital cities and affiliated offices overseas, one can be assured that Geoff Lovett International will source and broker their next yacht sales deal with professionalism and extreme confidentiality. Welcome to the wonderful world of boating and the pleasure it brings.

For more queries about Yacht Brokerage Services call the GLI office at 61 (07) 5526 4144 or email at & you shall be contacted as soon as possible. Also visit the website for more information. Thanks!

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