More about yacht charters and their types

12 Aug 2013

If you are a fan of sailing then yachts sailing is one of the best options to fulfill your wish of exploring the waters. Many people think the same these days and thus you will find the demand for charter boat rentals is increasing by the day. If we talk about popular sailing destinations then Sydney is one name that pops up in every head as sailing in Sydney is a common and exciting activity. If you are looking forward to plan a trip to Sydney and also plan to opt for boat charter hire then you have come to the right place.

We are about to begin our discussion on yacht charters and their types and these points will help you gather more information about the same. Let us start our discussion with the two major types of boats for charter available.

Charter yachts 101

There are basically two kinds of yacht charters available with the yacht rental companies operating in Sydney namely bareboat charters and skippered charters. We will discuss both of them in detail so that you get a better picture. Sydney boat charter is a popular ongoing trend these days and people choose the type of charter as per their skill and training in sailing. Bareboat charter is fit for people who are trained sailors and can handle the yacht in any condition while in water as in these kinds of charters the company does not provide any kind of professional help to the user. The one who rents a bareboat charter is on his own on the yacht thus he has to be a skilled sailor otherwise it can prove to be a bad idea.

Boats for Charter

Photo Courtesy – Sailcorp – Boats for Charter

The next kind of Sydney charter boat available with the rental companies is called skippered charter. This type is preferred by people who are not trained sailors and require professionals onboard on the entire trip. A skipper is a part and parcel of skippered charter package. Skippered hire sailing boat is usually a much preferred option by people as not everyone knows much about sailing. These are the two kinds of yacht charters commonly available and you can choose between the two as per your requirements. Apart from choosing the type there are many other factors as well that need to be considered while booking a yacht for Sydney Harbour sailing.

For instance you need to decide on the size of the yacht when you rent it for Sailing Sydney Harbour and you decision will rely on the number of people travelling with you. Other those that you also need to decide on the features and their level of luxury as the overall rent will vary according the luxuries installed in the yacht. There is no shortage of companies that extend the service of charter boat hire in Sydney and you can easily find a whole list by looking on the internet. Sailing on a yacht charter is memorable in every sense of the word and everyone must try it.

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