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14 Nov 2013

A catamaran is a multi-hulled vessel consisting of two parallel hulls of equal size. In other words, a catamaran is a boat with two parallel hulls or floats. This type of vessel with its two hulls is for someone who does not want to give up comfort and stability even when they are out in the open sea. Catamaran is synonymous with high class sailing at its best. Lately, catamarans have become the sailing vacation choice of many yacht charterers.

Because of sailing becoming a very popular sport in the recent times among people all over the world, the demand for yachts, sailing boats, bare boats and catamarans has increased greatly among people belonging to various age groups. Hence, lot of companies have sprung up in the last twenty years which offer a fleet of sailing yachts, boats, catamarans, bare boats and motor yachts to their clients to host a wide range of parties and events like anniversaries, wedding receptions, corporate events and even to spend time in holidays. The chartering of boats is just not a good option for people who do not possess boats and wish to get the sailing experience through hiring, but it also provides a great means to owners who want to try out new boats and polish their sailing skills.

All the boats available for charter, are fully equipped, maintained to the highest standards and are also available with several add-ons (including kayaks, fishing nets and windsurfers) upon request.

Sailing Boats

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So without wasting any time, take a smart catamaran or yacht for rent and set off for your holiday, with your near and dear ones, leaving all your cares behind. Go over to the islands you wish to visit and places you want to see. Discuss the travel plans with your skipper and the yacht agent since they are experts in the business and will be able to provide you good guidance about the route and also suggest you some great ideas from their many years of experience and expertise in this field, like how to enrich your holiday more by including a few fun activities like fishing, mountain climbing, kayaking, surfing, anchoring the boat at a beach and stopping for a meal and so on. This is definitely going to add a new dimension to your holiday. Also, while renting a catamaran, do not forget to look for a better package or deal. Many agents offer good seasonal packages and discounts. You can even bargain a little over the price if you are traveling in an off season. Crewed charters are again the best for those who want the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.

The most popular catamaran brands in the world are Fountaine Pajot, Lagoon and Nautitech. Other less popular ones include AB Marine, Albatross Marine Design, Blue Coast Yachts, Dean Catamarans, Catana, Broadblue, Leopard, NYX, Neel Trimarans, Montebello, Fusion Catamarans, Gemini Catamarans, Privilege, Prout International, Outremer, Seawind, Tasman, Voyage, Sunreef Yachts and so on. One big advantage of the catamarans is that they can reach places that an average sailboat cannot because catamarans have a shallow draft. Sailing catamarans are also very fast, yet they are incredibly safe.

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