Know basics of SEO

11 Jan 2011

Writing on SEO isn’t that difficult but the writer needs to make sure that he isn’t running out of things. Not everyone among us have time to go back and update ourselves about the basics of SEO. Going back to the basics is easy but again there’s a question as what should be included and what shouldn’t. In this article we’ll discuss about the SEO Essentials. Irrespective of whether you are a fresher or have been learning the stuff since long, you can get misconceptions excluded.

Every business looking to gain online presence needs to start having a well constructed website. The website you have must be eye-appealing but it should be able to meet the SEO elements. A little work on it can make your site both user and SEO friendly. Now that you have come to know this its time to get started and apply good SEO strategy for your site else it will be falling short in different ways.

Below are a few basic of SEO that are the foundation of online success. They serve as an important part for optimization strategy:

Before getting your pages and targeted keyword phrases ranked, you need to be sure that search engines can first find them. This goes to making sure that you have a search engine friendly website. This can easily be done by ensuring that your links are getting navigated properly. The content needs to be readable.

1. Rankings: It is only for this that a business looks for SEO services provider. A lot of people look just for rankings and they think that they are losing business because they aren’t ranked. Well, this may not always be true. Rankings can bring sales. Do they? They are just a door in. A user may prefer buying from site that is ranked on #4 instead of the one ranked #1.

2. Visitors to site: Once you get rankings, you’ll see the increase in number of visitors to your site. This is good, but still you haven’t achieved the goal because you need money in your pockets and these visits aren’t getting you anything.

3. Conversions: Here’s the punch line. The main purpose of Search Engine Optimization lies in getting ranking, increasing visitors and converting those visits in leads. Conclusion: by reading the above points we can come to a conclusion that SEO is an important process and to make the process even easier one needs to have a SEO friendly site. The visitor would immediate leave a site that is difficult to navigate. They’ll move to the one that is easy to navigate.