Infinite opportunities for enjoyment on a Luxury Yacht Charter

26 Dec 2012

Set out on a Luxury Yacht Charter in the Maldives and discover infinite opportunities for snorkelling and diving. A Maldives Yacht Charter holiday unites utmost opulence with extreme comfort. A yacht charter holiday is also the best way to search for the finest diving sites worldwide.

A Yacht Holiday in the Maldives is the best way to view some of the most stunning corals globally. You will be enthralled by the extensive array of underwater loveliness encompassing clown fish, turtles and parrot fish. Envision yourself in a mermaid castle as you dive underwater and think of exciting adventures along the way. Prepare to be captivated by the underwater exquisiteness as you dive close to the smaller atolls.

Charter a YachtExperience the best amenities apart from unsurpassed diving opportunities on a Maldives yacht charter holiday. After a spot of diving you can also go hiking, shopping or enjoy a bit of beach combing. On your yacht charter holiday you can also savour the flavoursome seafood and other tropical delights.

Relax and unwind on the beaches and secluded coves and escape from the monotony of everyday life. Opt for Sailing Boats and create a customized itinerary which will enable you to spend as much time as you wish at each spot.

Raasdho Atoll is indisputably among the most stunning diving spots worldwide. On your Maldives luxury yacht charter holiday you can also stopover at Felidhoo Atoll and Dhangeti Island. To experience the sheer exhilaration of diving with sharks in a marine paradise Felidhoo Atoll is your best bet.

The weather conditions in the Maldives are idyllic for exciting activities such as snorkelling and diving. You will also find some of the most enthralling underwater formations in the Maldives. Discover the beauty of sea mounts formed by extinct volcanoes and spot early coral colonies on your Yacht Charters India holiday.

The Maldives are essentially coral outcroppings in the Indian Ocean. Around these beautiful tropical islands you will find dissimilar kinds of fishes. If you are audacious you can experience a whole new world underwater such as seahorses, miniature blennies and gigantic manta rays.

Admire the sheer range of life underwater such as Lionfish, Stonefish and Fire coral. Be careful of sharks and conger eels when you dive underwater. Stingrays are stunning however it is better not to touch them when you go underwater.

There are different kinds of reef fishes in the Maldives. Angelfish are attractive and move leisurely so they are ideal for taking photographs. Clown fish are quite pleasing to look at whereas Eagle rays are a breathtaking sight to watch as they dash underwater and hide themselves in the sand. The rare Hawksbill Turtle is frequently seen in the Maldives. The Moray Eel has a gaping mouth and appears only at night. It is better to get up early if you want to watch these eels in action. The Octopus is equally fascinating with its incredible tentacles and the ability to fully camouflage themselves.

Experience a wide range of amazing life underwater on a Maldives luxury yacht charter. These are memorable Yacht Holidays you and your family will remember everlastingly.

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