Avail Luxury Motor Yacht Charter, in Sydney and discover an Enchantingly Diverse Vacation Destination

26 Mar 2012

Australia is a vast country where vacationers can enjoy different travel experiences, and lots of exciting activities. Thus, it is better to seek the services of a company which will work with you, to ensure that your sailing vacation is a memorable one. Moreover, your trip is customized, so that you can travel around your preferred regions. Australia is a country of contrasts, and you will observe the classiness of the major cities, in concurrence with the isolation of the outback. In this regard, you must opt for Luxury Motor Yacht Charter, in Sydney, to make your vacation an unforgettable one.

Can you envision a cruise, where you sail around Sydney Harbor, in a stylish and opulent motor yacht? Surely, this will make you feel as if you are a part of the rich and famous. On the cruise you will spot the famed Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the Opera House. You can go swimming, and enjoy a connoisseur barbecue lunch in a sheltered cove. This is a wonderful way to unwind, on your vacation.                    

On a Superyacht Charter cruise, you can visit the famed tourist attractions, in Sydney. If you wish, you can scale the renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge. With a climb leader, who is fully trained, you will be taken to the bridge to 134m higher than sea level. This is the best way, to get spectacular views of the exquisite harbor and the fascinating city.

When you travel around Sydney, a visit to the iconic Opera House is a must. You can enjoy a memorable evening, with your partner on a special back stage tour of the famous building. After this, you can opt for a pre theatre dinner at Sydney’s top restaurants like Aria, or Guillame at Bennelong. You can return to the Opera House for a first-rate performance, and enjoy a refreshing drink at the bar. You will be mesmerized by the show, which is an ideal treat for theatre lovers.

There are a number of great places which are reachable from the city, and are situated in the bush. The Berorwa Waters Inn is set in bush land, resting on the Hawkesbury River. It is accessible via seaplane, and presents incredible views of the scenic countryside. The Inn is one of the best restaurants in Australia and you will find Dietmar Sawyere’s celebrated cuisine and an amazing assortment of wines in a beautifully furnished restaurant.

When you visit Sydney, ensure that you visit the Cottage Point Inn. This place is easy to get to via seaplane, and is positioned in the north of Sydney. Jonah’s is a famed spot, suspended on the periphery of a cliff. In Jonah’s you will get exquisite views of Whale Beach as well as the Pacific Ocean. This place specializes in contemporary Australian cuisine.

When you explore Sydney with Superyacht Charter, or Luxury Motor Yacht Charter, you will see that it has a lot to offer tourists. On your sailing cruise, you can enjoy an opulent vacation, of a lifetime.

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