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Welcome to Superyacht Marketing Group

Superyacht Marketing Group are experts in Software Development, Web Development & Internet Marketing Solutions, exclusively working for the Superyacht industry helping clients transform their online presence.

Exclusively working for the Marine industry, IT experts at SMG India integrate their real time experiences with the latest Internet technologies to transform your business online. As a result, now proudly operating as one of the leading Software & Web development service providers in the Luxury Yachting business worldwide.

Our expertise: Web development, Application development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (PAID ADs) & Social Media, Print Media & Video Post Productions.

Why us?

Having a great product or service to offer, is just a battle won. But to win a war, you need to win many such small battles! And one among them is the marketplace – where actually are you selling your products and services. Are you there, where the customer is actually looking for? If no, then you have washed-out one of the most important arsenal of all – Time!

In this instantaneous era, Internet is the market place. But the problem is the meticulously changing technology. Is your business measuring up to it? Or are you stuck with futile revenue gains? On the other hand, the advancing technology has not only changed the business perspective, but even the customer!

An excellence in business just doesn’t happen without any reasons, it is a planned process. You require real people, perfect support and appropriate tools.  In short, you need business experts! Experts who not only understand about your business environment, but also suggest you whether the dazzling upgrades are necessary or not, whether the cost incurred will be remunerated through revenue gains. Normally, the website SEOs tend to carry out the customary activities to promote the business. But standing apart are the specialized Superyacht business SEO experts – the Superyacht SEO. A group of real time experienced Yacht industry professionals who not only have comprehensive understanding about the Marine industry and the customer trends but also exhibit the best of Internet & web technology, website optimization techniques, link building strategies and well designed online marketing plans to equip their clients, to differentiate and capture the leadership position in the exclusive Super Yacht, Mega Yacht and Yacht Charter businesses.

To receive our Australian Superyacht business case-studies and presentations, feel free to contact us.

16 December, 2013
Enjoy thrilling Team Building Activities & Corporate Regattas on the stunning Sydney Harbour

Set out on an exhilarating corporate regatta on the stunning Sydney Harbour. Charter a catamaran yacht and enjoy a fantastic social sailing cruise or amazing corporate Team Building activities.
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28 November, 2013
Sydney and sailing: You will love it

Experience the thrill of sailing onboard an amazingly beautiful yacht on the blue sparkling waters of Sydney. It is a must for sailing enthusiasts and perfect for anyone who loves sailing.
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14 November, 2013
Know everything you want about catamaran charter

A catamaran is a multi-hulled vessel consisting of two parallel hulls of equal size. In other words, a catamaran is a boat with two parallel hulls or floats.
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